Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glory Bound - Glory Bound (RIYL: Against Me!, Pennsylvannia, The Menzingers)

Glory Bound (Poconos, Pa)

Maybe it's because i've been a slave to the punk sounds coming out of Eastern Pennsylvania for 10 years now, but i see strong similarities in all of our bands. As current as Glory Bound truely is, i could see them sharing the stage with The Overdrives in 1999 as easily as The Menzingers in 2009. I can see the same in The Old Menzos for that matter. Nevermind, just noting these bands have a timeless style, and i like it, ok? I will say this speaks volumes on the perennial punk provided here, however. Glory Bound may get a bit gruffier than i tend to enjoy, and they certainly get more Springsteen, or Steencore if you will, than i can handle, but goddamit are these songs catchy! Blessed with the angst and uncertainty that every good pop-punk bands needs to be worth half a damn, these guys write the songs that keep the fists up. Somewhere in the mix of ska coming back hard and all the beards in the past ten years, it seems people stopped dancing at punk shows and started singing along, and hard. This used to upset me, but with the help of bands like Glory Bound i think i'll be okay. Atleast, we still jump and climb on each other. Well done gentlemen.... and please, keep it up. You make this state look good, damn good.

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