Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Irie Idea (RIYL: The Slackers, King Tubby, RXBandits)

Irie Idea (Portland, OR)

Smashing genre boundaries and maintaining a fluid style that is all yours is a task many attempt, but few perform with the grace of Irie Idea. Infused with a punk ethos layered to the bone, Irie Idea exemplifies tradititonal ska and reggae music while borrowing from all historically important styles of music, namely Rocksteady and Blues. Delivering a sound so beautifully complex and autonomous is no simple task. One wouldn't dare assume such a mission be executed by less than five, maybe even six musicians. Irie Idea offer a composite, intricate blend of rock 'n' roll and ska music in all it's gorgeous and genuine forms without such luxuries as Horn Sections, Keys, or even Bass Guitar. One could argue that a two-piece band simply could not pull off such a sonically voluminous record. That one has simply not heard Irie Idea.

Skin Deep Politics (2008)
Here's Hopin' Somebody Finds A Way Outta Here (upcoming)

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